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Orthodox Synagogue in Las Vegas

Jewish culture is a rich and elaborate one which has various traditions that not only help us develop spiritually and as an individual but also bring us closer to our fellow men. Almost every tradition and ceremony is like a minor or major ceremony. Whether it is Brit Milah, Bar and Bat Mitzvah or Shabbat, every ceremony brings in the celebratory aura in our homes. Every part of these ceremonies and traditions takes us closer to our Creator in one or the other way. It reminds us that we all have to be thankful to him for taking us under his care and showering us with his blessings.

Minyan in Las Vegas

One such ceremony is that of Minyan. In this, traditional Sephardic is held throughout the week, on various times. People come together for Shabbat, Yom Tov, Torah and Tefilah. Bet Yossef Community Centre is an orthodox synagogue in Las Vegas to take part in all these and where you don’t need to have a membership or pay any kind of fees. You can simply come and be a part of the whole traditional ceremony. Tallit and Teffilin can also be availed as per your convenience.

But, you can donate for the welfare of the community center or finance any of the activities performed in the Shul if you want to.

Shabbat Services in Las Vegas

Minchah Kabbalat Shabbat Tefiilah

At Bet Yossef Community Centre, Minchah Kabbalat Shabbat Tefiilah is held every Friday, at sun down in winters and 7 pm in summers. Visitors describe our services of Tefiilah on Erev Shabbat as peace giving, up lifting and energizing among others.

Shabbat morning Teffilah

Shabbat Morning Teffilah at our center consists of year old harmonious Sephardic melody, Shacharit Teffilah and Torah. Every Alyiah of Torah is carefully explained by the Rabbi and is followed by a powerful message from Rabbi Shmuel Attal. The program starts at 8:30 am and for kids, the time is 9:30 am.

Shabbat Kiddush

After the mooring Tefilah, every Shabbat afternoon consists of Kiddush salad challot chamin. You can even sponsor a Kiddush in honor of Yartziet, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding or any other special event. You can contact us on (702) 901-8383, [email protected] or in person for further information and communication.

Kosher in Las Vegas

Kosher is a very important tradition of Jewish culture because it helps us in following a proper and healthy diet as guided by our Lord. Kosher foods are the food items which conform to the regulations of Kashrut. Or in other terms, food which may be consumed according to Halakha is termed as Kosher.

At Bet Yossef Community Centre, we provide the services of kosher food so that you can follow this Jewish tradition too wholeheartedly.

Some Other Facilities

BYCC also provides services of Jewish daycare in Las Vegas, Jewish preschool in Las Vegas, Brit Milah, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, etc. We also arrange various parenting classes, educational and knowledge classes and workshops for individuals in which they get to learn about various aspects, history, etc of our Jewish culture and traditional practices.