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All you need to know about Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah is an important religious ceremony in the life of a Jewish male. This occasion is celebrated joyously in a sacred manner as it is a lifetime achievement. According to Jewish law, the male at the age of thirteen, is no longer considered to be a boy. The minor is an adult then and is responsible to fulfill all the Torah’s commandments. The term “bar mitzvah” translates to “son of the mitzvah”. Once 13, the boy turns to be a man and can then actively participate in religious occasions, obey the commandments, can form binding contracts, can be testified before courts, and even can get married.  This rite of passage is a sacred tradition and holds great importance in the Jewish Faith.

How is a Bar Mitzvah celebrated?

In the Jewish custom, this achievement is celebrated as a synagogue ceremony, where the bar mitzvah boy is welcomed into the world of Jewish adulthood.  This new status of ‘Bar Mitzvah’ actually provides him great opportunities and also bring along various responsibilities. This occasion is celebrated by giving a festive, kosher meal to family and friends. While enjoying the delicious feast, friends and relative deliver speeches of encouragement to honor the new bar mitzvah and also to tell him about the importance of entering the adulthood. It is also impressed upon him that he must appreciate and carefully undertake his new role in the life of being a Jewish adult while being both joyous and responsible. He also is encouraged to add spirituality to his life.

The main focus in preparing for Bar Mitzvah is learning about Judaism and the Torah. The Hebrew chants and prayer are studied by the young men so that they can properly read and recite them on the day of the ceremony. The boy who is turning 13 will lead the ‘aliyah’ part of synagogue service initiating their authority of becoming a responsible Jewish adult. The ceremony is important to Jewish communities as the essence of togetherness as well as the importance of faith is encouraged by virtue of Bar Mitzvah. The celebrations of this sacred ceremony are given an equal precedence in the life of all Jew males as a wedding ceremony.

Although the celebrations of Bar Mitzvahs are thought to be just a big feast with the food, dancing, and music, in modern times it doesn’t end here. After and apart from the religious rites, the part turns into a teen bash with music, dancing, and singing. The Bar Mitzvah is also given gifts and cash presents in multiples of ‘18’ (meaning life in Hebrew)

So, if you want to arrange for a Bar Mitzvah ceremony for your son, we at Bet Yossef Community Center can help you with all the preparations and arrangements you desire. Our synagogue in Las Vegas provides the highest quality recreational, educational and arts facilities for the Jewish community here.