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Importance of Jewish Mezuzah in Judaism

The Jewish Mezuzah is the most visible and powerful symbol of Judaism and holds significance as the main protector of the home. The symbol comprises of Mezuzah scrolls or klaf, which has the famous Shema Israel (religious Hebrew passages).

Most misunderstood symbol in Judaism

In Judaism, you will come across many predominant symbols, like Star of David, Torah, Hamsa, Mezuzah and different others. Out of all, Mezuzah stays the most mysterious and misunderstood symbol of all. The symbol was first mentioned in the Torah and today, this Jewish symbol can be seen on the doors of most of the Jewish families, whether it’s a family of an Orthodox Jew or a Conservative Jew. But, there are certain rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed by the Jewish family before fixing Mezuzah scrolls on their doorstep.

Origin of Jewish Mezuzah

The Jewish Mezuzah originated during the Biblical times. This significant Jewish symbol must be placed at the entrance of every Jewish family, according to Deuteronomy. And because of this Jewish commandment, most of the Jewish families stick to this practice of installing a Mezuzah on the doors. Moreover, Mezuzah literally means doorposts and this Jewish symbol include the writings of God that refers to all the commandments.

Parchment Paper

According to the Deuteronomy, the parchment paper includes the very first paragraph of the religious scriptures is about the Shema Yisrael. These passages written on the parchment paper of Jewish Mezuzah should be recited before going to bed and immediately after the person wakes up, as per the religious laws.

Mezuzah Parchment Holder

The holder of Jewish Mezuzah occupies an important value in the entire formation of the symbol. The parchment paper is rolled and then clasped to the holder to be placed on the doorstep. The holder is made of different materials like wood, marble, or metal and can be expensive depending upon the material it is made of.

Fixing the Mezuzah

If the house of the Jewish family is a permanent residence, only then they must fix the Mezuzah to their entrance doors. Those families who frequently shift their homes should not fix this religious symbol. If a Jew buys and moves into a new home, then he/she must install the vertically, or in a slanted manner. Although it is compulsory to fix the Mezuzah on the entrance doors of every home, some of the Jewish families fix the symbol on each floor, excluding bathrooms.

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