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High Holiday

Dear Friends, by donating for the high holiday expenses, this will help us to pay our new prayer books, kippat, and chazzan. There is no specific amount for donations, some people have the custom to donate in increments of eighteen ( eighteen means life)

Tzedakah Charity

Chessed/ Charity program is to help many families that go through a financial crisis, the BYCC chessed, gives out every holiday hundreds of meals and every month thousands of dollars are given to help families and every Shabbat, we have a Shabbat meal.

Synagogue Shul

Dear Friends, the synagogue / shul has many programs ranging from services to adult education, outreach/mivtzoyim, and children’s programs. With your help, we will be able to increase our services.

Daycare Preschool

Our daycare/ preschool is one of the community services that the BYCC provides. Some of our parents are going through financial difficulties, by you helping us, you are helping to build the future of our community.